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Life Beyond Bricks Choose The Best Lithium Battery

John and Tash are seasoned and very experienced motorhomers. They have been motor-homing since 2014. At the end of March 2019 they decided to sell their house and go fulltime travelling the UK with their 3 cats!

They share a lot of their amazing experiences on their website

and their YouTube channel


Volkswagen T5 Danbury

In addition to their main Adria motorhome John and Tash decided to buy a small VW Danbury campervan for Tash to have some solo adventures in. The van was generally in great condition but the power system was in need of a major upgrade.

life beyond bricks VW Danbury offside life beyond bricks VW Danbury nearside

Old Dead Lead

The solar panel and lead acid battery were well past their best. The solar panel was outputting very little power. Lead acid batteries are quite poor and heavy when brand new so this aging unit would not provide the power Tash needed.

life beyond bricks VW Danbury old batterylife beyond bricks VW Danbury old solar panel

LiFePO4 Safest Lithium Battery

John and Tash were looking for the best lithium battery for keeping their equipment and cameras charged. LiFePO4 is the safest and most reliable lithium battery chemistry so they chose our EcoTree Lithium LiFePO4 110AH Low-Height battery, so it fitted neatly into the space with plenty of room for accessing the connectors.

life beyond bricks VW Danbury new electronics and battery

Lightweight Lithium Battery

Our Low-Height lithium battery is around half the weight of their existing battery and gives them access to over twice the power reliably over many 1000’s of cycles.

life beyond bricks VW Danbury tash with lithium1

The New Lithium ready system

We removed the existing solar which was well ready and not giving anything out, we fitted a lovely 160 Watt Flexi solar panel. The solar panel is the flush fitting type, we fitted the junction box inside the roof allowing the solar panel a lovely flush fit on the roof.

life beyond bricks VW Danbury new solar panel

We swapped out their existing lead acid battery for an Eco Tree Lithium 110 amp battery.

We also changed their existing Victron 75/10 MPPT solar controller for a bigger Victron 75/15 smart Bluetooth MPPT controller.

Finally, we fitted a Victron smart shunt Bluetooth battery monitor, so they can get a true State of charge of the lithium battery. The Bluetooth Smart Shunt is the best way to get a clear indication of exactly how much power is remaining in a lithium battery.