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6 year warranty
included + built-in BMS for your peace of mind

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We develop tailored battery solutions for each market sector.

At Eco Tree Lithium we have vast experience with an array of different market sectors. From military to recreation to marine, and everything in between.

We use this knowledge to tailor specific battery solutions for each market sector, so you can be confident that you’ll have the perfect lithium battery solution for your needs.

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Total Amp Hour Comparison

Also, at 50% DoD the voltage will not be sufficient to run anything other than old style lights. LED lights, TVs, satellites, heating systems, power inverts, fridges and other such like applications, cannot usually be powered below 10 volts

Please note: if a lead acid battery is taken below 50% DoD this will severely damage the battery. This does not affect lithium iron phosphate batteries in anyway.

Benefits of Lithium

Money saving over its lifetime

12 x the number of cycles of Lead/AGM 250 cycles vs 3,000

24 x more total amp hours than Lead/AGM 12,500 vs 300,000

10 x faster charging than Lead/AGM

40-50% lighter than Lead/AGM

6 year warranty - 3x longer than most Lead/AGM

LiFePO4 cylindrical smart cells using European technology

Built-in fully automatic Battery Management System (BMS)

Simple drop-in replacement for Lead/Gel or AGM batteries

Automatic built in cell balancing (Equalisation)

Grade A Manufactured Cells for increased strength and better conductivity

ZERO maintenance fit and forget technology

Ultra-low self-discharge can be left for exceptionally long periods

Will not swell (balloon), gas or vent compared to Lead/AGM

Can be fitted in any orientation

Non-liquid, non-corrosive, non-toxic, brilliant for carbon footprint

UN38.3 IP56, 93/66/EEC, UL94-Vo, IMDG safe, can be shipped by air/freight

Reverse polarity and short circuit protection

Maintains constant voltage throughout discharge, does not drop like lead

Selection of 12.8V batteries from 12AH to 320AH

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