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Looking for batteries for your golf carts? Your search is over!

Golfers know that a reliable golf cart battery or golf trolley battery is key to enjoying those lazy bank holidays on the green. Eco Tree is one of the leading manufacturers and brands of Lithium golf batteries and accessories in the UK.

Golf carts powered by an Eco Tree battery are perfect for all golfers. Eco Tree’s LiFePO4 batteries handle even the most demanding golf course.

Stop worrying about carrying a replacement battery! Play every round with complete confidence with Eco Tree’s golf trolley batteries. Our batteries are 100% recyclable, quick charging, safe, and long-lasting. Play longer and carry more accessories – no worries!

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Showing all 8 results

Benefits of LiFePO4 Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

  • Longevity: Eco Tree electric trolley batteries last 12 × longer. Enjoy a longer range and more holes between charges.
  • Most efficient and safest battery technology on the market
  • Higher usable capacity: LiFePO4 lithium batteries provide 320,000 AH – almost 15 × the capacity of lead-acid batteries
  • 10 × faster charging time
  • Lightweight: up to 50% lighter than lead-acid/AGM batteries

Eco Tree Lithium Golf Batteries Main Features and Specifications

  • Cutting-edge golf battery technology from Europe
  • Integral Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Explosion-proof cells & flame resistant case with thermal overload protection
  • Protection against over-voltage and under-voltage
  • Drop-in fit to replace other brands of lead-acid, gel or AGM batteries
  • ZERO maintenance
  • 10 year warranty
  • Capacity from 12–320 AH or 154–3955 WH

Why Choose Eco Tree Lithium Golf Cart Batteries?

Eco Tree batteries deliver incredible benefits – that’s why customers choose our brand.

  • Reliable and sustainable power for golf carts and golf trolleys
  • Large range of stock
  • Affordable price-point: pay less and get more!
  • Our golf cart and golf trolley batteries cost less than other brands
  • We offer unrivalled customer assistance and technical service
  • Next day delivery

How to Choose the Best Lithium Golf Cart Battery for Your Needs?

When looking to buy a golf cart battery, consider:

Amp Hours (AH)

The AH rating indicates how many hours the battery will last at a given power level. For example, if you have a golf trolley/cart that needs 10AH of power, you should consider golf batteries with a rating of 10AH or higher.

How often you use your electric golf trolley/cart?

If you only use it occasionally, you may not need a battery that’s as durable or long-lasting as someone who uses their golf cart more frequently.

How much power you need

Not all lithium batteries are created equal. So if you need extra power delivery, consider more powerful golf batteries.

Whichever model of Eco Tree battery you add to your shopping basket, you’re getting the best brand on the market!


1. Do I need a special charger to use your batteries?

You should use a suitable lithium battery charger with our golf trolley and golf buggy batteries. However, avoid using a standard lead-acid charger with automatic ‘equalisation mode’ that you can’t turn off.

2. How long do Eco Tree Lithium golf cart batteries last?

Eco Tree brand golf batteries last a long time. A fully charged battery lasts 18 holes easily.

3. Is a golf cart battery the same as a car battery?

No. A golf cart battery outputs lower power over a longer time. A car battery generates peak power over a short time (starting the engine).

Still unsure? Contact us by email or phone for more information.