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Lithium Mobility Scooter Batteries

We supply batteries for mobility scooters that offer maximum performance and reliability for those who need it most.

Featuring the latest LiFePO4 technologies, our lithium mobility scooter batteries are specially designed to deliver up to 50 miles on a single charge. That’s enough for daily mobility scooter errands or exploring new sights!

You can be sure that your Eco Tree Lithium mobility scooter battery will always be ready to go when you need it.

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Benefits of LiFePO4 Mobility Scooter Batteries

Here are some benefits LiFePO4 mobility scooter batteries offer:

  • Increased Longevity – LiFePO4 technology gives up to 10 x charging cycles of a conventional sealed lead-acid car battery. Enjoy longer battery life with less need for a replacement battery.
  • More Power – Our LiFePO4 batteries provide more energy than traditional lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries or gel batteries offer. Your Eco Tree powered mobility scooter will have a constant flow of power when you need it.
  • Less weight – The Eco Tree LiFePO4 for mobility scooters weighs 50% less than a conventional lead battery, making it much easier to transport and install.
  • Maintenance Free – Designed to fit and forget!

Main Features and Specifications

  • Huge Range: 12V 12AH to 24V 150AH suitable for all mobility scooters.
  • High Energy Density: A LiFePO4 battery can be discharged over a longer period – making it ideal for mobility scooters.
  • Safe and Stable: European designed LiFePO4 smart-cell technology.
  • Integrated battery management system (BMS) that prevents needless discharge.
  • Protection against over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit and reverse polarity.
  • Faster Charges: LiFePO4 batteries can be recharged in a shorter time – as little as 1 hour

Why Choose Eco Tree Lithium Mobility Scooter Batteries?

Here are some key reasons to choose Eco Tree when shopping for lithium mobility scooter batteries.

  • Safety: All Eco Tree products undergo rigorous safety testing.
  • Reliability: Eco Tree batteries are the most reliable. You can always count on our products to deliver good performance.
  • Our warranty (10 years) provides fantastic value for money and peace of mind.

How to Choose the Best Mobility Scooter Battery for Your Needs?

When choosing, think about how you use your mobility scooter. Do you make frequent stops and starts when you travel? Then you’ll probably need to buy a battery with a high capacity. Do you use your scooter for mainly cruising? Then purchase a battery with a lower capacity but higher discharge rate.

Our batteries are designed to replace most mobility scooter batteries. One or two batteries together will be the perfect fit.

How Long Does a Lithium Battery Last in a Mobility Scooter?

Our lithium batteries last from 10 to 15 years, but it depends on the type of battery and frequency of use.

If used every day, you may need to replace the battery more often. And leaving your battery unused for months at a time will also shorten the lifespan.

At 80% Depth of Discharge our batteries will do 5000 cycles. That’s every day for over 13 years

Leaving the battery unused is fine as they are very stable on the shelf. The self-discharge rate is about 3% per month.

They must not be stored in a low state of charge. If they become flat, it will destroy the battery.

It is completely safe to fully discharge to 0%. This way the batteries will deliver around 2900 cycles.