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12v 105AH Bluetooth Heated Lithium Battery LiFePO4

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Over double the power and less than half the weight of your Lead Acid or AGM battery.

Powered by the latest and safest Lithium Iron phosphate technology (LiFeP04), this is a simple drop-in replacement that provides more than double the power, 10x the cycles, 10x the life, and at less than half the weight, with zero maintenance.

4,000 cycles at 80% DoD

High Grade ABS plastic case (Type 31 case)

+Bluetooth monitoring

+Built-in Automatic Charge Heater

6 Year Warranty

Over their lifetime, our batteries are far cheaper than traditional Lead or AGM batteries.

Who can resist faster charging and ultra-safe usage with our built-in BMS (Battery Management System)?

If you’re fed up with failing batteries and whether you need more reliable power, faster charging, lighter weight, or a longer lifespan, Eco Tree Lithium has the answer!